I’m a Distributor

Feed your product catalog, price and availability to instantly become a distributor to the entire iBiz10 reseller network.

When you are listed as a distributor supplier in the iBiz10 network, all resellers will automatically see your company name, price and availability whenever they are ready to quote or buy any product that you carry.

We take your product catalog and match every product to its appropriate category and sub categories. We also add new categories to accommodate all your products. Whatever you sell to the resellers, we can include and continually update on the iBiz10 network 365 days a year.

Any distributor can plug-into and update the iBiz10 network through a daily batch file. We “grab” your daily price and availability file (customized per resellers pricing level) to update the system.

Real Time XML Integration

If you already have XML technology to feed your price, availability and process orders, then we can connect to our “API” middleware to allow the resellers to instantly access your product catalog and company as a supplier in real-time. Resellers can pull pricing and availability updates and place orders directly with you in real-time and automatically.

If you do not have XML, we can help you develop this capability so you can take advantage of the growing online market and its real-time e-procurement benefits.

D2R (Distributor To Reseller) e-procurement portal.

Use our Distributor web store version of iBiz10 to allow your resellers to browse and buy from your web site 24/7. You will be automatically connected to all the resellers in the iBiz10 network. Any reseller can log into your web store and buy at their pricing level 24/7.

Your purchasers can use the system to buy and manage inventory from all suppliers. Your sales reps can generate quotes or enter orders in real-time. All orders will be processed with real-time status updates. System can help you manage all RMA and service requirements.

Advertise your promotions

Send us your promotions as often as you like. We will enter into our system and it will be automatically uploaded into all of the resellers’ iBiz10 web stores on the next day. We can feature your promotions in appropriate sections. We can showcase your promotions in the “deal-of-the-day” or e-flyer that resellers customize and send to their end-users with the “buy button” linked back to their web store! We can add manufacturer rebate e-coupons to any product. If you have a hot deal, let us know and we will get them posted on the iBiz10 resellers’ network of online web stores.

Collaborate with us to help you sell more to your resellers

We welcome distributor partnerships to help resellers expand their businesses online. We ensure that you are 100% integrated and ready to receive orders and promote your entire product catalog. You simply promote the iBiz10 opportunity to your resellers. We will onboard the resellers who sign up so they can start buying from you.

Ask us how we can help you grow your sales through this growing online marketplace.

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