I’m an End User

If you are already buying a lot of IT products and services from your favorite trusted reseller, then you may want to streamline the procurement process to reduce your per-transaction processing costs and time. You may want to implement spend controls for every department. You may want to maintain strict purchase guidelines to respect the product standards that your IT department have approved. You may want to manage returns, service and maintenance activities easier and track everything automatically. You may want to track and manage your IT assets and generate reports anytime.

iBiz10 will deliver on all of these goals and more with your customized e-procurement web portal. It will allow your entire company to purchase and service products from any reseller or supplier that you approve.

You are in control of your e-procurement portal, not the reseller. You can change reseller suppliers at anytime while maintaining all previous transaction history. Plug in multiple resellers so you always have a where-to-buy choice.

Online procurement of any product

The iBiz10 procurement portal can also help you manage your purchasing needs in many other areas besides technology products. It is simply a matter of adding product categories, products, suppliers and pricing. One online tool to manage all of your procurement needs, including office supplies, cleaning supplies, promotional items, furniture, gifts etc.

Contact us today for a live demonstration and review of your specific requirements to see if iBiz10 can help your company.

End User