Q: How long does a deployment take?
A: Deployments can take between one to three weeks depending on how fast the items required to deploy is supplied by customer.

Q: Will my solution look like everyone else?
A: No. You can have a customized look and feel that represents your company exclusively.

Q: Can I upgrade to other versions of iBiz10 without penalty?
A: Within the first year, you can upgrade without any penalties.

Q: Can I plug in as many suppliers as I want?
A: Yes, iBiz10 supports many suppliers with xml and non-xml integration.

Q: How much resources will I need to manage an iBiz10 solution?
A: Once the system is set-up, most of the maintenance is automated, so most of your time will be spent managing transactions which in-turn will reduce your overall workload. You should actually save time!

Q: What is my minimum commitment?
A: One year

Q: How will my staff be trained?
A: We will schedule a series live online sessions where our trainer will train your staff.

Q: What about support?
A: Support is free for 90 days after deployment. Any support call resulting from a system problem caused by iBiz10 is free. Support calls to resolve problems resulting from issues caused by your team is billable at $90 per hour with a min of 30 minutes billable time per support resolution. Training of new staff is done at $60 per hour. Our standard SLA is to respond to all telephone and e-mail inquiries by end of day with resolution within 24 hours. Our current average response time is within 2 hours.

Q: How will I know which iBiz10 version is right for me?
A: Our consultants will review your business needs on a case by case basis and recommend the best solution for your needs. Complete details of your solution is provided in your agreement for you to review and approve prior to deployment.

Q: Can you provide me with just XML integration with suppliers and rich product content?
A: Yes. If you have built your own e-commerce solution, you may be looking to add supplier integration and content. We can review your solution and offer you plug-in modules to enhance your current solution.

Q: How does iBiz10 compare with other e-commerce solutions?
A: You may request our comparison overview that highlights the iBiz10 advantages. However, we recommend that you review all solutions with a live demo to truly evaluate correctly. Every solution may say they do a certain functions, but how they do it and to what extent is really the bottom line. Front-end functionality is great, but back-end data management and work flow is just as important. Weak data management tools will mean more maintenance work for you as well as limited business requirements. A low cost store-front could actually cost you a lot more in on-going maintenance time, support and business limitations. For you and your customers to have a successful online experience, everything must be right. Research what it takes to deliver the best-practice in online business and measure all solutions. Please ask for our best online business practice overview. Remember, you only have one shot at leaving a good first impression.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Annual license and system maintenance fees range from $3,000 to $9,000 per year.

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