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August 1st, 2012  

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iBiz10 is the e-business division of TechnoPlanet Productions Inc. A leading international technology marketing and communications company in business since 1993. To learn more, visit www.iBiz10.com

To see a demo site, visit demo9.secure-shopping-online.com

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For more information about iBiz10, please contact Marie-Claude Rouleau at 1-877-874-1232 or email marier
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  ibiz10 Version 9.2 Now Shipping

More end-users continue to get quotes and buy online. It is fueling the growth of the e-marketplace for VARS every day. With the marketing and selling or managed services as well as cloud services, online VARS are in the right place to exploit the hottest trends. Version 9.2 of ibiz10 delivers on all counts. Check out a live demo today and see for yourself.

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  Add 30% Profit to Bottom Line

Combining product with services can increase your profitability by 30%. Every time you quote for any hardware or software, add a service option ranging from extended warranty, to managed services to support packages. Build an effective catalog of services and present them at every opportunity.

Ibiz10 automates this process so you can always offer services with all hardware or software quotes. Present comprehensive computer systems with services. Offer financial services to lease the equipment. Add other applications like Autotask to manage and automate your services. Autotask is already integrated with ibiz10 to make the quoting, selling and delivery of both products and services seamless.

Ask for access to a 60-minute web seminar that will present the business case for this strategy. Every VAR should explore this business model and make the right decision. Their future may depend on it!

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  The Magic Formula for VARS?

Ibiz10 + Autotask + N-Able = More Profits. Ibz10 handles all hardware and software quotes, e-procurement in real-time with distributors as well as B2B web store requirements. Autotask handles all of your service automation/management and CRM. N-Able handles all of your remote monitoring and managed services automation.

More importantly, these three systems are fully integrated and work seamlessly together. It will streamline your business operations and put you in 100% control of your customers. Using these 3 tools as part of your back office is all you really need to sell more, save time and make more profits.

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  Market your business with Social Media and drive traffic to your web store

By now, everyone understands that a business could effectively market their company over the Internet. Search engine placement and triggers like ad-words are all common in today’s marketing campaigns. However, using social media tools to promote their business can be tricky. End-users will ignore all attempts to use social media as a pure advertisement tool. So what is the secret to doing it right?

First you need to have the right strategy and social media tools.  You will need to feed valuable content that will build you as a thought leader in whatever field of expertise that you target. Do not have the high school kid do social media for you cause they know how to use Facebook. Never put your corporate image into the hands of any inexperience person under any circumstance.

We have teamed up with a top Social Media organization to deliver these services to the IT Channel. You can get a free assessment of your social media strategy to give you some feedback. If you have no strategy, we can help you develop one that suits your needs. We can also provide start-up help and training to get you on the right social media track. We can help you on-going if you like.

When you do social media right, it will build your credibility and following. This in turn, will drive end-users to your company and web store.  If both experiences are worthy, these end-users will eventually become customers. Contact us today to start the ball rolling….

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  e-newsletter and Deal Of The Day to grow sales

As part of the ibiz10 marketing machine, you get access to content to easily and quickly produce your own e-newsletters and Deal Of The Days. You can do this for FREE. Just leverage the content that we provide to build your e-marketing tools.

Learn more about FREE IT e-newsletters at: http://www.e-channelnews.com/constantContact

Learn about FREE IT Deal Of The Day at: http://www.e-channelnews.com/dealOfTheDay.php

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  Ibzi10 feature spotlight – Managed and Cloud Services

Use your web store to promote managed services and cloud services. It is easy to promote and sell these services, as most are web-based. Create banner ads or use some of the stock ads provided.

Highlight your specific services such as remote back up for a monthly fee, or disaster recovery for an annual fee, or spam protection for a fee per e-mail, or managed print services for a fee per page or e-mail for a fee per address, or network management and monitoring for a fee per seat.

Link these to the more info sections under service where you can adapt the copy to best suit your needs and partners. Include “punch-out” links to service provider sign-up pages for instant subscriptions.

Create SKUS for each of these services and offer as related items to appropriate hardware and software products. Include in all sales quotes as an add-on option. Find every opportunity in search results to showcase your managed and cloud services. It is easy to set this up once and have your ibiz10 automatically promote, up-sell and cross-sell 24/7.

See a live demo for yourself!

Register for one of the upcoming webinars or contact us for more information: http://www.ibiz10.com/online_demo.php

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