Partnering with iBiz10 is easy and welcomed!

iBiz10 Sales Referral Partner

Anyone can simply register or refer a customer opportunity to us. We will reward you on all revenues we generate from the client for the first year. Simply contact us and register the opportunity with us. We will notify you immediately if this customer is currently available for this program. Once registered, you do not have to do anything. We process and close the client. You get paid accordingly.

iBiz10 Country Reselling License Partners

This program provides training and support to your team so you can present and sell iBiz10 solutions to your clients in your country. You manage and retain all relationships with your clients. We can also private-label license the iBiz10 platform so you can do exactly what we do, in your country. Some countries are not available for this type of partnership, but the World is a big place and there is no way we can grow as fast as we would like without strong partners in different countries. This can be a huge business opportunity for the right partner.

Integration Partners.

If your application will enhance the functionality of an iBiz10 customer, then we will consider integrating with your solution. We have an API tool that can connect third-party applications with iBiz10.

Ibzi10 currently have over 50 Integration partners offering a wide variety of solutions including, service automation, managed services, cloud applications, online chat, payment gateways, credit cards providers, transportation companies, hosting, group benefit associations, content providers, leasing, extended warranty etc. We are constantly evaluating new potential partners that can bring more value to our online reseller customers.

We will promote all approved partners to our customer base during our internal on-boarding process. We do NOT charge any partner to sell their solutions to our customers. If you bring value to our customers, then you are welcomed to promote to our customers. Partner information is provided to our customers as part of our on-boarding process and in many cases some partners become part of the deployment process. Our partners are welcome to participate in our co-marketing programs to reach out to new prospects as well as our current customers.

Distributor Partners.

Distributors all want the resellers to buy exclusively from them. Unfortunately this is unrealistic. A reseller must buy from multiple distributors to fulfill orders promptly, get competitive pricing and manage credit limits. We work with distributors to ensure that their product catalog is 100% updated 365 days a year and e-procurement is seamless. This will automatically generate more sales for the distributor every day. We collaborate with distributors to get more of their resellers online to grow their sales and reduce order processing costs.

Contact us to discuss your partnership opportunity.

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