I’m a Reseller

Why should I expand online?

Is it really an option to be online in today’s market? As the online marketplace continues to grow larger every year, when will be the tipping point? Your web site is already one of your most important marketing assets as it is the first place your customers will review before doing business with you. Why not offer your customers to learn and do business with you online?

While selling to your customers through a web store is an easy first step, this is not the only benefit of adopting iBiz10 for your business. Consider the web store functionality as just the tip of the iceberg.

How can iBiz10 help me?

Sales Quotes

From any Internet access you can create, review, edit, approve or cancel a sales quote. This can be easily done either by the reseller or the end-user. Accessing sales quotes from any Internet access will be welcomed by your customers and sales representatives. It all happens in real-time and it is always linked to complete product specifications to review. Generating, receiving and approving quotes have never been easier!

Purchasing from Suppliers

Since all orders are processed through the iBiz10 system that is fully integrated in real-time XML access with all major distributors, placing orders is as simply as one-click. The system manages the entre purchasing process including back orders. Purchasers can still negotiate better pricing before placing orders with distributors. All tracking information including shipping details and serial numbers are automatically pulled back from the distributors’’ systems in real time! Managing all orders just got easier and faster! With the front-end access, your customers can also check on these order status by themselves.

B2B e-procurement portals

Your large customers will welcome their customize e-procurement portal where they can browse, buy, request a quote and track orders 24/7! The B2B portal manages their specific product selection, pricing, payment and shipping rules. It even allows for them to have an “approver” to review all orders before placing with the reseller. It manages the procurement of IT products and services from all big deals, special bids, government, education and health industries. When it comes to managing all your big customers online, iBiz10 delivers!

B2C webstores

Adding a B2C web store is easy. Ensuring that you are relevant and competitive to savvy online shoppers is also important to success.  Your customers could buy from you 24/7. If you want the best-practice web store for online shoppers, then iBiz10 delivers a leading solution.

Selling all break-fix and managed services

Your customers can open a service ticket on their front-end account. The system will help you to process and manage the service ticket. However, you can also add dedicated service management solutions like Autotask to process and manage opportunities. The system will automatically push service items to Autotask for processing. You can easily generate sales quotes or orders for both products and services.

Up-sell and Cross-Sell every time

You can tag any product to any product. You can bundle any product with any product and service. There is no limit as to what you can do to promote more products and services to your customers.


Activate the optional leasing module to offer leasing rates to your customers every time. It is a great way to increase the order size and your profit margins by offering a low monthly payment.

Extended Warranty

Activate the optional extended warranty module to add your favorite extended warranty company or create your own extended care service program. Offering your customers extended protection for their investment is a great opportunity and can generate significant profits.


Social Media, SEO, price comparison sites, e-newsletters, promotions and highlighting vendors are some of the marketing tools available to you. It is easy to leverage to drive traffic to your web store and company. Ibiz10 offers a full suite of web marketing tools and support to deliver results. Use these tools to advertise your favorite vendors while generating some coop marketing funds.

All iBiz10 resellers receive a free 26-page guide on best practices for doing business online!

A complete solution suite to run the entire VAR business!

Ibiz10 is like the “hub” of your business infrastructure. You can plug-in service automation solutions like Autotask and several managed services and cloud solutions! Your accounting solution can be updated by batch processing or in some cases through a real-time connectivity.

In order to run a successful VAR business, you will need several solutions. It will deliver better results if these solutions are seamlessly integrated. Ibiz10 has built such a suite or applications. Ask for more information or request in invitation to attend one of our upcoming events or webinars.

Ibiz10 (B2B, B2C, quotes and e-procurement) + Service Automation + Managed Services + CRM + Accounting + BYOC (private cloud platform to deliver cloud applications) + Leasing + Extended Warranty makes up the core platform. Ibiz10 continues to build out this suite of fully integrated platforms with leading vendors.

Our mission is to deliver the ultimate suite of business apps that will help any VAR to operate, manage and grow their entire business. Ask us for more information.

Rich Product Content – Sell what you want to sell!

If you are only looking for a product content feed with pictures, descriptions and specifications, you can subscribe to our content services. We deliver customize content to our customers. We can deliver content on hundreds of thousands of products, but we understand that may not be what you really need! Best-practice suggests that when you limit your product selection for your customers, your sales will actually increase and your customer satisfaction will improve!

Typically a VAR sells less than 5,000 items. Why would you add 500,000 more items to confuse your customers and generate headaches for your team to support? More choices may not be better and in most cases offering too much choices to customers could be negative for your customers’ online shopping experience! Did you know that Costco sells only about 4,000 items and they generate 100 billion dollars in sales!

Our content experts will work with you to develop the right product strategy for you business. We will maintain the appropriate product content feed 365 days a year.

The iBiz10 Global Partner Conference

As thousands of VARS use the iBiz10 platform to manage their business, they want to learn how to use more of the latest functionality. They want to exchange ideas with other VARS and learn how to improve their business. They want to connect with other vendors and partners who can help them to improve or grow their business.

Currently, our partners are connecting at the ChannelNEXT events see www.channelnext.ca. Ibiz10 users will soon be meeting at a dedicated event called iBiz10 Global Partner Conference.


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