I'm a Vendor

If you are looking for a way to market your products and generate more sales on the growing online marketplace then consider showcasing your products on our growing reseller network of online webstores!

Thousands of resellers use our web store platform to market and sell every day. You can leverage this network to sell your products!

STEP 1: Get Listed

Simply get your products listed with your product images, descriptions and specifications on the network. This will ensure that the online shopping experience is as good as possible for your products for both the end-users and resellers!

Just send us your digital content or provide us access to your source. We will process and format to our webstore’s specifications. You continue to update us on your latest content and we will update all our iBiz10 web stores in real-time.

This is absolutely FREE for any vendor for the first year to evaluate this opportunity. 

STEP 2: Enhance The Shopping Experience For Your Products

a) Enhance your product content. Add more pictures, video, social media links, reviews and news. There is really no limit as to what we can do to enhance your product content to offer the ultimate online shopping experience.

b) Tag your products to various search results and related products on the system. Your vendor logo can be showcased in the “Featured Manufacturer Store” section. Your products can appear as related or similar products besides any other product or brand that you wish. All your related items can be linked to each other. Your products can display at the top of any category search result. Your products can be featured on banner ads. Your products can be featured in promotion sections with e-coupons.

c) Proactive marketing to the end-users through the reseller web stores. We can create a deal of the day or a special promotion e-flyer template. Each reseller customizes this template with their logo, selling price and links back the buy-button to their web store. Each reseller will e-broadcast your e-flyer to their customers to generate sales!

Contact us to learn more!

STEP 3: The Ultimate Experience In Online Shopping

You are ready for the ultimate e-commerce solution to drive awareness and sales through any reseller. Ibiz10 has developed the Vendor "Store-Within-A-Store" Specifically for vendors to realize this goal.

We customize your Vendor Store-Within-A-Store to have your exclusive look and feel to reflect your brands and corporate image. Complete with extensive rich content to present the best possible online shopping experience to buyers.

We activate your exclusive Vendor Store-Within-A-Store on any iBiz10 reseller webstore. Instantly, their shopping cart is connected in real-time and they can start promoting and selling your products.

You control your web store in real-time. You want to feature a product or add a new product, just do it once and instantly all the web stores reflect the change in real-time!
We can deploy your vendor store with any reseller regardless if they use an iBiz10 platform or not! We can help you to empower any of your resellers to market and sell your products online!

Contact us to discuss the Vendor Store-Within-A-Store.

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